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EPS Smart Panel Advantages

EPS Smart Panel is lightweight energy saving technology, which is easy to install, reducing construction time and effort. EPS Smart Panels occupy smaller area effectively increasing usable floor space, which can eventually contribute to economic benefits. They are fire resistant, sound proof, water and moisture proof, and are also built to withstand seismic activities.

Lightweight Economy

Huge Time Saving

Energy Saving Eco Friendly

Waterproof Wetproof

Sound Insulation

Heat Insulation


Non-Toxic Asbestos Free

Fireproof (Class A)

The wall material is completely dry work, fabricated construction. The walls can be arbitrarily cut as per required specifications. The walls can be easily transported, stacked and no mortar batch filling is required which largely shortens the construction period.
Smart Panels are 100% free of harmful and A grade radioactive substances. They are reusable and have no construction waste. The panels have better heat insulation ratings and better energy saving properties than other construction materials
EPS is classified as ‘non-combustible’ when tested in accordance with GB8624: Grade A1. Fire resistance rating is up to 240 minutes against high temperatures of around 1000 degree Celsius; Exposure of more than 04 hours for fire resistance test, Smart panels do not emit any toxic gases.
  • Smart Panel Thickness (100mm) > ≥ 4.0 Hours Fire Resistance
  • Smart Panel Thickness (150mm) > ≥ 5.0 Hours Fire Resistance
Smart Panels when tightly joined together through tongue & groove, maintain an excellent integrity of partitions. They are anti-pressure, anti-quake and have an impact strength 1.5 times stronger than a conventional block wall.
Smart Panels offer excellent sound insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction functions. Sound insulation is ensured up to 40dB with 90mm thickness of the smart panels, which is 2 to 3 times higher than a traditional brick wall
Product Type Thickness (mm) Sound Insulation (db)
Smart Panel 100 ≥45
150 ≥50
Hollow Block 200 ≥40
Bick 225 ≥50
Solid Block 200 ≥50
Smart Panels consist of two medium density 4/4.5/5mm thick reinforced fiber / calcium slilcate boards with a light weight inner core composed of portland cement and EPS beads which make it weather proof. Non-permeablilty is ensured even after 02 days of continous water spray on the panel’s surface.
Bulk density of a single Smart Panel is 600-700 Kg/Cu.m which is 1/5th – 1/7th of the traditional block wall. Specific gravity is smaller than 01, greatly reducing the building structure & foundation cost. It carries high compressive and flexural strength which makes it suitable for ultra-high and large span walls.
The thermal conductivity of a Smart Panel is 08 times better than that of a block wall. This reduces the consumption of air-conditioning and central heating. Raw materials of smart panels are primarily formed from environment friendly and energy saving heat insulating materials which make them more accustomed to adjust with different seasons.
Description Smart Panels Thickness (mm)
100 150
Heat Conductivity (W/m.K) 0.19 0.19
Heat Transmission (Sqm.K/W) 1.025 1.180
Thermal Inertia 2.035 3.044